Goats are far more intelligent than sheep but they have some annoying habits, such as being excellent at escaping, climbing, and eating trees and garden plants.

Golden Guernsey

Gigis baby

We have a small collection of Golden Guernsey goats.  Ginger is the oldest member of our herd and is retired from the exhausting business of raising young. So we now have three breeding goats: Grace and Genevieve are Ginger’s daughters and Gigi her niece. Guideon is our young billy – he came to the farm in mid 2013. Golden Guernseys are very attractive in both looks and personalities, being very friendly and gentle.



Pygmy Goat


Pygmy goats come from Africa, from both Nigeria and Cameroon but I have never met any pygmy breeder who claims to have pure Nigerian or pure Cameroon pygmies.  I suspect that any original, regional blood lines that there once may have been present in the UK have now been in extricably intermingled and that we now just have what one might call the UK pygmy goat.

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